Pick up a membership form from the ACA table on Bruinwalk or print it out yourself: ACA ’14 – ’15 Membership Form. Turn in all membership forms at the ACA table or to any Ram Staffer.

Why Join?

You know how they say college is the best time of your life? Well, it definitely is. And ACA can be a big part of the reason.

UCLA is a big campus. Lots of things go on here. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. Other times, you wonder how you can meet new people when students in your class are so engaged in their studies and not so much their social lives. Well, check out ACA.

ACA offers: 1) A broad spectrum of Fun Events, 2) Close Lifelong Friendships, 3) Membership Benefits/Discounts, 4) An Opportunity to become involved in an org on campus, 5) College Memories, among other things

We hold fun-filled events every week. There’s always something to do. Some quick examples of what we offer? Our annual Dumpling Night, Cafe Night, Clubbing Events, Chinese American Culture Night (CACN), Family Nights, and so much more that we couldn’t list them all.

We consistently have 500+ members each year. Now, you may think it will be hard to meet others in ACA because there are so many members, but don’t worry. See, what’s really special about ACA is our Family system. Being in a family gives you a small group of people you can become great friends with! You’ll have fun Family Nights! You can go to ACA Events together! Go to Diddy Riese for ice cream! Go study together and ace your classes!

Yeah, okay sure. But you think you can meet people elsewhere. What else does membership offer you? For most future events, members will pay LESS than non-members. For example, a non-member would have to pay $310 for Ski Trip, while a member will pay $280. This event alone covers the membership fee and MORE!


Other Benefits

Having the option of being placed into a family!
By filling out the form and requesting to be in a family, our AWESOME gen reps will place you into an ACA family.

In a school with OVER 30,000 students and in an organization that will have around 500 members at its peak, the Family System provides a more intimate setting to hang out with a staffer and 25-30 members whom SHARE YOUR INTERESTS.

By becoming a member of the Association of Chinese Americans, you are entitled to a number of discounts from our numerous sponsors.

On top of that, you will be notified personally by the staffer in your family on all ACA upcoming events, opportunities to meet new people at kick backs and/or parties, community service events, AND MORE!!!

Having the option of being placed in our mentorship program PUL to Success!

You can only get into this as a member!
If you’re already looking forward to getting the best insight on what to do during and after your college life to land that kickass job, THIS APPLIES TO YOU!

By applying to be a mentee, you will be set up with one of the ACA alumni whom have decided to take the time to offer their advice on what to do and even share their experiences.

Don’t worry, you will be placed with a mentor whom took similar majors and/or career paths, so they will have a good idea of anything you might be struggling with

A GREAT opportunity lies ahead of you, especially since they can possibly hook you up with JOB/INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES!

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