Q) Do we have to be CHINESE to join?
A) NO, absolutely not! ACA focuses on the Chinese American biculturalism of students at UCLA within the community. ACA is a multicultural club with many non-Chinese members.

Q) With so many members in ACA, how can it be personal?
A) Each member has the choice to be put into a family with other members with whom you can attend ACA events with.

Q) Do I have to pay? I’m a college student!
A) Your membership fees include a membership card that is RIPE with discounts to local restaurants and covers. Depending on which package you choose, you can get orientation dance ticket and/or a t-shirt too!

Q) I’m always busy studying, what are the time commitments for ACA?
A) There are no mandatory events or meetings to attend. We will definitely look forward to seeing all of y’all sometime soon.

Q) Is it too late for me to join?
A) It’s never too late to join! Just show up to our meetings or come to our table on BruinWalk and we will fill you in on what is happening as well as provide you with a membership form.

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